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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Bunny: 1, Emma Cate: 0

Last night we had an Easter egg hunt at our church. She was SO excited.... until we saw the Easter bunny. And let me tell you, that was by far the creepiest looking Easter bunny costume I have ever seen. I so wish I had thought to take a picture. I have never heard Em scream like she did when the bunny came close to her. She literally scaled my legs. (At least now I know she'll do well climbing the rope in gym class.)

Then when I was tucking her into bed, this was her prayer:
"Dear God, thank you for today and all our blessings. And please help the Easter bunny not come upstairs in my room. I don't like the Easter bunny. He's scary. Mama, no more Easter bunny, ok? Ok, God? I don't like him. Jesus name, Amen. Mama, no more Easter bunny, ok? No more. I just want eggs."

Heart wrenching moment... Hopefully we can avoid creepy Easter bunnies this weekend.

Here are my cute little Easter bunnies! Emma Cate- 2.5 yrs & Juliet- 5 mos

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